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Producing is a sort of alchemy - helping musicians transmute the sounds in their heads into recordings. I love working with people whose music expresses deep connections to the earth, to their communities and to their own hearts. The results are always good for the soul. 

I've been honored to have produced recordings with many such artists, some of whom are represented here.

Swing Me CD photo
Bergan Riley - Swing Me

Bergan Riley's CD "Swing Me" is a collection of songs that tell stories of love and faithfulness, the struggles of balancing family and self, learning to value the wisdom of elders, the energy of youth, and honoring those gone before. The musical styles range from folk to country to western swing yodels, demonstrating a small fraction of Bergan's broad musical tastes. 
Swing Me RealAudio
He Taught Me How To Yodel RealAudio



Last Gaspe photo
The Last Gaspé - Good to the Last Gasp!

The Last Gaspe is a rollicking contradance band playing traditional dance music with driving energy and flare for the dramatic. Featuring fiddle, piano, guitar, bass and sometimes banjo, whistle or even sax, they blend elements of Irish, French Canadian, and Old-timey tunes with their love of Ragtime, Swing and other styles to create a unique sound appreciated by dancers and listeners across the country. 
Lucy Farr's Jig RealAudio
Loch Torridon Reel RealAudio


Steve Albert - Passing of the Years

Steve Albert's CD "Passing of the Years" features Steve singing 13 original songs drawn from his experience raising a family and working a farm in rural Wisconsin.  His songs convey a deeply held passion for preserving the earth and our connections to family, community and tradition.  Steve is donating 10% of all proceeds from the sale of this album to "Healing the Children" (, a non-profit organization of volunteer medical professionals and others "changing the world one child at a time".

Passing of the Years RealAudio
Winter Milking Blues RealAudio

To order: Send $16.75 to 1762 S. Sharpes' Corner Rd., Mt Horeb, WI 53572.  For bookings, you may contact Steve at 608-832-6394 or


Lori Beil - Pizza in Heaven

"Pizza in Heaven", (Lori Beil's second recording and her first CD), is a collection of 17 original songs  inspired by Lori's  Christian faith.   Years of teaching and singing in Sunday School led to Lori's prolific output of songs which teach and reinforce the lessons of the Bible in the spirit of joyful, lightheartedness that characterizes everything that she does.  Lori's joined on the CD by her children and their friends, with Tom Blain and Doug Brown providing the arrangements and instrumental accompaniament. 

In The Beginning RealAudio
Teach Me O Lord RealAudio

To order: Send $10.00 to In His Service Music, 7121 North Shore Dr., Belleville, WI 53508.   For bookings, you may contact Lori at (608) 424-3533 or